"Motherfuckin' Shit! Take Your Ass Home!" Or, Why The Baltimore Orioles Matter

The best night of the 2011 baseball season in Baltimore was the final one. For once, for the first time in years, the whole country was watching. And what it saw was a thing of joy. There were the Boston Red Sox, all $161 million worth of them, one out away from a 3-2 victory and, at worst, a one-game playoff for theā€¦ »4/06/12 3:11pm4/06/12 3:11pm


The Baltimore Orioles' Depressing GM Search, And Their Even More Depressing New GM

Jonathan Bernhardt has a post up about Dan Duquette and the Orioles' new union, and all the attendant doom. A snippet: "Dan Duquette has walked into the worst job in baseball with a smile. And why not? He literally has nowhere better to be." Now get to reading the whole thing.
[Et tu, Mr. Destructo?] »11/14/11 4:05pm11/14/11 4:05pm