Rick Neuheisel Shreds His Way Through A "Stairway To Heaven" Cover

College football TV analyst Rick Neuheisel was on The Dan Patrick Show today, and he closed out his appearance with a special rendition of "Stairway to Heaven," called "Stairway to Playoffs." Neuheisel doesn't even need that TV job with his guitar skills. » 8/27/14 2:25pm 8/27/14 2:25pm

How Sports Illustrated's Manti Te'o Story Got Published

While reporting his cover feature for Sports Illustrated on Manti Te'o, Pete Thamel found what he called some "small red flags" in the story of Lennay Kekua, the dead girlfriend who never existed. So what did he do? » 1/17/13 3:48pm 1/17/13 3:48pm

The NFL Told Broadcasters To Go Easy On The Scab Refs

Hoo boy. Notice how every broadcaster has come down so hard on the replacement refs? But it only really seemed to start in Week 2? This is not a coincidence. » 9/26/12 11:30am 9/26/12 11:30am

Little Leaguer: ESPN Changed My Player Bio To List My Favorite Show As …

Will Lucas from Fairfield, Conn., threw a no-hitter in the Little League World Series yesterday and was invited on the The Dan Patrick Show today to talk about it. » 8/21/12 12:52pm 8/21/12 12:52pm

Gwar Lead Singer Oderus Urungus Sat In On The Dan Patrick Show Today,…

Commenting on topics as wide-ranging as the NCAA tournament, Peyton Manning's future, and "Canadian twit" Avril Lavigne, Gwar lead singer Oderus Urungus spent an hour on-set of The Dan Patrick Show this morning. » 3/19/12 12:30pm 3/19/12 12:30pm

Bonnie Bernstein Defends Holly Rowe's Sharp Elbows

We all got a kick out of watching Holly Rowe bust out the sharp elbows to establish her turf after last week's Sugar Bowl. We were amused again to discover it wasn't the first time Rowe had thrown around some muscle in the name of postgame journalism. But there's a reason Rowe does this, and it's not simply because… » 1/12/12 3:15pm 1/12/12 3:15pm

Charles Barkley: "Skip Bayless Has Surpassed Peter Vecsey As The…

Following up on his earlier claim about "hating Skip Bayless more than any person in the world," TNT Inside the NBA commentator Charles Barkley launched another barrage in his media beef with the ESPN First Take pundit today on The Dan Patrick Show. » 12/23/11 1:00pm 12/23/11 1:00pm

Charles Barkley To Dan Patrick: "I Hate Skip Bayless More Than Any…

Charles Barkley, the man who makes a living off of speaking truth to the power of sports figures and commentators that we all kind of hate, is on record as saying that ESPN's Skip Bayless is "one of the two people [he'd] like to kill." But since murder is kind of bad for one's public image, Chuck just resorts to… » 12/02/11 12:30pm 12/02/11 12:30pm

Everybody Pile On D.J. Mbenga

First, Rudy Gay called him "ugly", then Reggie Miller revealed on the Dan Patrick show his text to Barkley after Lakers victory: "can you believe that DJ Mbenga and Adam Morrison have rings?" » 6/15/09 11:59am 6/15/09 11:59am