Let's Relive The Time Sean Casey Got Thrown Out At First From Left Field

For no particular reason, former ballplayer Sean Casey went on the Dan Patrick Show today and talked about the time he got thrown out at first on a ball he hit to left field. We don’t really need a reason to relive this play, though, because it was a truly great moment in baseball history, and Casey’s retelling is… »10/14/15 4:26pm10/14/15 4:26pm


Charles Barkley To Dan Patrick: "I Hate Skip Bayless More Than Any Person In The World"

Charles Barkley, the man who makes a living off of speaking truth to the power of sports figures and commentators that we all kind of hate, is on record as saying that ESPN's Skip Bayless is "one of the two people [he'd] like to kill." But since murder is kind of bad for one's public image, Chuck just resorts to… »12/02/11 12:30pm12/02/11 12:30pm