Why The Heck Some Good Runners Started Running In The First Place

It's back-to-school time and junior high players everywhere are contemplating how best to make their mark on the athletic world. Here's the thing—running until your sternum glows and your legs bend in unusual places lacks appeal to the youngster. Football has cheerleaders. Basketball has a crowd. Gymnastics has… »8/30/14 8:43am8/30/14 8:43am

These Kids are Cooler Than You Are: The Brooklyn Nets Kids Dance Team

Last night, Tanisha Scott auditioned hundreds of kids, ages 6-13, for the 16 competitive spots on the 2014 Brooklyn Nets Kids Dance Team and it was incredible. There were moments where I felt like I was in the gymnasium of the same school that Beyoncé was eating apples in—which, by some odd form of the transitive… »8/15/13 10:17am8/15/13 10:17am

Flyers-Penguins Scramble Makes For The First Harlem Shake Video That Doesn't Suck

In that bananas Flyers-Penguins game Wednesday night, the oddest of some odd goals came when Nicklas Grossmann finally put home a puck after an interminable goalmouth scramble. Paul Bissonnette identified the chaos as reminiscent of the Harlem Shake. The Youtube genius behind HockeyVideoHD did the dirty work, and… »2/22/13 10:55am2/22/13 10:55am

U Of Memphis Dance Team Member Goes Apeshit After Winning National Championship

The University of Memphis hip hop dance team won the Universal Dance Association's college title in January, after this riveting performance at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. When the results were announced, they were excited. Overwhelmingly excited. But YouTube commenter justinkyle09 makes an… »3/02/11 10:25am3/02/11 10:25am