The Utah Jazz Had A Rookie Dance Off And 7-Foot Non-Rookie Enes Kanter Did The Worm

Look, a lot of sports are happening. MLB playoffs everywhere you look, NFL games up and down the line, college students still hungover from yesterday's football games—it's been a busy weekend. Bet you didn't even know that the first NBA games of the regular season are a mere 23 days away. Let one Jazz rookie and two… »10/07/12 7:30pm10/07/12 7:30pm


Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen Allegedly Had A Dance-Off At Pippen's Birthday Party

Scottie Pippen's birthday was on Monday. (Happy belated birthday, Scottie Pippen!) He and his wife celebrated at a Chicago club, along with Antoine Walker, Ahmad Rashad, Nazr Mohammed and Michael Jordan. More importantly, it appears that the party ended with Pippen and Jordan engaging in a friendly dance competition. »9/27/12 2:10pm9/27/12 2:10pm