Here's An Old Video Of Peter Crouch Getting Funky At An EDM Concert

Peter Crouch is most known for 1) being a lumbering giant of a striker who somehow parlayed his head’s altitude and the middling skills that came with the rest of his body into a surprisingly good career with the English national team, and 2) for doing the Robot a few times after scoring. Thanks to this video, we now…


Serena Williams Is Bored, So She's Going To Teach You Some Dance Moves

Serena Williams was recently on set for some commercial. That’s not important, except that she seems to have a fair amount of downtime. Enough, at least, to produce about five minutes of random phone footage that includes tutorials on how to twerk (“squeeze the glutes, engage the quads”) and milly rock (“it’s really…


Cristiano Ronaldo Sings, Drops It Like It's Hot At Birthday Party

Real Madrid’s crushing defeat at the hands of rivals Atlético almost put a damper on that night’s previously scheduled party in celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo turning 30. Almost. Instead of feeling too down, Cristiano decided to sing and boogie the night away. Here’s a GIF of his best move from the video above: