Bond On The Run: A Close Look At Daniel Craig's Form

Spectre is dropping soon at a theatre near you, so it’s time to talk about Bond, James Bond. Since I don’t know good sprint form from a Moonraker, I brought in special agent Phoebe Wright for this assignment. An 800-meter professional, Wright has acted in some excellent chase scenes herself, knows what various body… »11/08/15 3:40pm11/08/15 3:40pm


The Cheesy Spectre Suggests That James Bond's Darker, Grittier, Better Days Are Over

1. There was a time not so long ago when the very notion of James Bond seemed ridiculous—as anachronistic as making a movie about Betamax players or pay phones. There were actual thinkpieces 10 years back about whether James Bond could exist in a post-Austin Powers world. Even Daniel Craig worried about it: “We had to… »11/06/15 11:14am11/06/15 11:14am

Skyfall Isn't The Best Bond Flick, But It Does Kick The Most Ass

There's no good answer to the "What's the best James Bond movie?" question, since the best James Bond movie will always be the first one you saw when you were a kid. (I ride for Live and Let Die until death.) And there's no good answer as to which James Bond is the best James Bond, since everyone just seems to rank… »4/02/15 2:44pm4/02/15 2:44pm