Daniel Murphy Just Keeps Mashing, Might Be Possessed

A Mets source reiterated to the Daily News yesterday that Daniel Murphy’s astounding postseason play hasn’t altered the club’s plan to let him leave this offseason. The Chicago Cubs, for their part, have more urgent Daniel Murphy concerns than what to do with him when his contract expires. Namely, the friggin’ dude is… »10/19/15 11:28am10/19/15 11:28am

Brendon Ayanbadejo Implies Miami Traded Him For Taking Paternity Leave

The fuss about Daniel Murphy missing two games to be there for the birth of his son seemed like a total nontroversy—the Mets were OK with it, and their fans were OK with it. (Seriously. It's two games. And Daniel Murphy. And the 2014 Mets.) The only people upset were New York radio hosts. But the debate on taking… »4/04/14 9:27am4/04/14 9:27am

Mike Francesa Wouldn't Shut Up About Paternity Leave Today

Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy is going to be away from the team for a few days on paternity leave, because his wife had a child and he wants to be with his wife and child. This is a thing that men in America, even athletes, do. Usually if they don't, it's because they're not lucky enough to have a good job where… »4/02/14 5:37pm4/02/14 5:37pm