National Congress Of American Indians Releases Anti-Redskins Ad

Just in time for the Super Bowl, the National Congress of American Indians has released a simple, yet powerful, commercial directed right at Dan "you can use caps" Snyder. For nearly two minutes we see video and images of American Indians living their everyday lives while the narrator lists the various names they use… »1/30/14 10:30pm1/30/14 10:30pm

Daniel Snyder Hires The One Man In Washington Worse Than Daniel Snyder

A man so badly fucked that he'll hire Lanny Davis is a man who's finished, and so everyone who detests Daniel Snyder, the imperious prick who owns the Washington Redskins and claims he'll never change their name, can rejoice. When the client who can't be defended brings on the fixer who will defend anything, the issue… »10/10/13 12:55pm10/10/13 12:55pm

Poll: 54 Percent Of Washington D.C. Sports Fans Disapprove Of Daniel Snyder

"Twenty seasons after the Redskins won their last Super Bowl, just more than half of area sports fans say they view the team favorably. But more than a third have negative feelings about the hometown football team, according to a new Washington Post poll, and fans hold even stronger negative views about its owner,… »9/18/11 12:00pm9/18/11 12:00pm