Danny Almonte On Jackie Robinson West: It's Not The Kids' Fault

For all the shock and controversy over Jackie Robinson West being stripped of its U.S. title for using out-of-district players, there has never been a better Little League scandal than that of Danny Almonte, the star pitcher who turned out to be two years older than any players were allowed to be. Almonte commiserates… » 2/19/15 9:55am 2/19/15 9:55am

Stories That Don't Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To Prodigies

Every Friday, SportsFeat picks a few great weekend reads for Deadspin. This week's theme, in honor of Rory McIlroy and Kyrie Irving, is sports prodigies. A note to those two: enjoy this moment. If these stories are any indication, there's a slight chance it won't last. » 6/24/11 1:55pm 6/24/11 1:55pm

Danny Almonte's Big League Dreams

So this is sad: Danny Almonte, the onetime Little League World Series legend who turned out to be older than everyone had sad — and ended up marrying a woman 11 years his senior — is gonna need himself a new career. » 7/02/07 11:40am 7/02/07 11:40am