Danny Amendola Appeared To Be Knocked Out By This Vicious Hit

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola was motionless on the ground after this combined hit by Rafael Bush and Ramon Humber. Amendola couldn't stop his fall and was driven headfirst into the ground. He stayed on the ground for a substantial amount of time, and when Amendola finally got up, he stumbled and had to be… »10/13/13 6:53pm10/13/13 6:53pm

At Least Two Players Had No Idea Rams-49ers Could End In A Tie

A tie! Nothing brings more joy to fans of novelty, more consternation to playoff-scenario-figure-outers, or more mercy to viewers than a tie. The first in the NFL since 2008, the second in a decade, the 24-24 final score of yesterday's St. Louis-San Francisco game was perplexing to both teams—should you be happy you… »11/12/12 4:25pm11/12/12 4:25pm