Has Any Player Been Screwed On Deadline Day As Badly As Danny Granger?

When Danny Granger woke up yesterday, he played for the Pacers (41-13), one of the best teams in the NBA. By the end of the day, he played for the 76ers (15-40), one of the worst. That's a drop in winning percentage of nearly 50 points. Getting traded midseason is always, in the words of Marcin Gortat, "a pain in the… »2/21/14 2:48pm2/21/14 2:48pm

After Last Night's Botched Trade, Danny Granger Says He's Changing His Name To "Stern's Bi#&h"

If you were following the whirlwind that came with last night's planned, and then nixed three-team trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, you probably caught some of the athlete reactions. Paul, going for subtlety, tweeted, "WoW," while Lamar Odom—after a teary interview with Stephen A. Smith—told the … »12/09/11 11:25am12/09/11 11:25am