Insane Mountain Bike Announcing Theater: "How Does Danny Hart Sit Down With Balls That Big?!" Edition

Some people really like competitive mountain biking. Some people watch competitive mountain biking on television. Some die-hards even go and watch it in person. The two whack jobs doing play-by-play, or whatever you call it in mountain biking, for this particular event, however, do all of the above and more—with the… »1/07/12 10:39am1/07/12 10:39am


Apologies To Andrés Cantor, But Mountain Biking Announcers Are The Craziest

Young Briton Danny Hart obliterated the best downhill mountain bikers by nearly 12 seconds this weekend at the world championships in Champery, Switzerland. Normally, Hart's performance would soon retreat back into the shadow world that is downhill mountain biking. But no. Not this day. Not if commentators Rob… »9/06/11 5:40pm9/06/11 5:40pm