Danyelle Sargent Cozies Up To a Coach Turned Blogger and a Playmate

Sideline reporter, and Mike Francessa target, Danyelle Sargent has apparently been busy since her Mike Singletary/Bill Walsh mishap. It turns out she's dating former former coach of the Warriors Eric Musselman and has also made friends with former Hef slave and Hank Baskett love Kendra Wilkinson. Musselman, as some of… »11/22/08 3:45pm11/22/08 3:45pm


Danyelle Sargent Is Trying to Put All of This Behind Her

Fox sportscaster and potty-mouthed vixen Danyelle Sargent went on Dan Patrick's SI radio show »10/28/08 3:00pm10/28/08 3:00pm this morning, sounding beleaguered and contrite for her embarrassing Bill Walsh slip-up that unfortunately made the airwaves on Sunday and unleashed the . This is her quote from Patrick's show via : Sargent seems like a nice…