Outstanding Acheivers In Beijing Not Named Michael Phelps

• I really can't stand to watch gymnastics more than once every four years. It's agonizing. There's such a clear disadvantage in starting some routines first, as Shawn Johnson did in the floor exercise »8/17/08 11:29am8/17/08 11:29am, only by Romania's Sandra Izbasa, who went last. It was Johnson's third silver medal in Beijing. • How would you…

Dara Torres' Ex-Husband: Low On Sperm, High On Animosity

It appears the press might be getting a little sick of Dara Torres' old lady swim feats. At least that's the only reason it would seem the Palm Beach Post has decided to interview her embittered ex-husband. West Palm surgeon Itzhak Shasha and Torres were married for 16 months, but then divorced. Soon after, Torres… »7/14/08 4:15pm7/14/08 4:15pm