Former Teammate Implies That Darnell Dockett Is Gay, Enrages Darnell Dockett

Chris Rix, former Florida State Seminoles quarterback and current college football insider for Fox Sports, went on Jay Mohr's radio show yesterday and gay-baited his former teammate, Darnell Dockett, who currently plays defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. Things get started at the 2:42 mark of the audio clip… »2/07/13 6:50pm2/07/13 6:50pm

Darnell Dockett Apologizes For Fighting Teammate Over "Let Them Score" Strategy, Still Clearly Doesn't Understand Why He Was Wrong

On Sunday, the Jets had the ball deep in Arizona territory and a one-point lead. The directive came in from the Cardinals' sideline: Let them score a touchdown, so Arizona could get the ball back down eight with more than a minute remaining. Sound advice, though it was mooted when Shonn Greene intentionally slid at… »12/06/12 10:05am12/06/12 10:05am

Darnell Dockett Might Have Spit In Kerry Rhodes's Face During The Jets Game

Down a point and the clock running out, the Cardinals had one and only one chance to win the game: Intentionally the Jets score a touchdown, and get the ball back with two minutes left. The Arizona defense did what it had to, parting like the Red Sea for Shonn Greene. But Greene smartly slid at the one-yard-line, so… »12/04/12 12:45pm12/04/12 12:45pm