Darren Daulton Hospitalized With Brain Tumors

Darren Daulton, Philadelphia's longtime sparkplug catcher who finished off his career with a championship with the Marlins, has been diagnosed with two brain tumors. One of them is reportedly inoperable. » 6/27/13 3:25pm 6/27/13 3:25pm

2012: Why See The Movie If You Already Know What's Coming

Yes, everyone's favorite lizard conversationalist, Darren Daulton, has a website to promote his metaphysics "starter kit" so everyone can be prepared for falling buildings, tidal waves, and John Cusack's erratic piloting. [Dutch2012.com] » 11/18/09 11:45am 11/18/09 11:45am

Darren Daulton Wants To Makes It Clear That He Has Done A Lot Drugs

Everyone knows Darren Daulton was not a saint and he maybe indulged in some personal excess during his 14 major league seasons, but he just wants assure everyone of the real truth—the man was absolutely full of drugs. » 6/30/09 4:15pm 6/30/09 4:15pm

Darren Daulton Still Delightfully Nuts

One would think that with the power of astral travel, Darren Daulton would choose to visit Vienna during the Renaissance, or Rome during the reign of the Caesars. But a card show in Ephrata, Pa.? » 3/29/09 1:45pm 3/29/09 1:45pm

Darren Daulton Promises He Won't Talk To Your Child About Martians

Former Phillies/Marlins catcher and semi-devout mystic Darren Daulton is heading a baseball camp at Stockton College in N.J. this August and is currently making the rounds in the Delaware Valley to promote it. That's fine — Daulton, for all of his flakiness and perceived wackiness still knows more about baseball than… » 5/27/08 6:00pm 5/27/08 6:00pm

Darren Daulton, The Only Man With The Stones To Speak The Truth

A little part of us have always wondered if Darren Daulton's whole time-traveling, metaphysics schtick is a bit of a intricate prank foisted on us by Dutch and John Kruk. But even if it is, it doesn't matter, because it's endless entertaining regardless. » 8/15/07 3:50pm 8/15/07 3:50pm

Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Jay Mariotti Vs. Darren Daulton

After nearly a week off, the Deadspin SHOTY Tournament kicks back up today — just three more first-round matchups left — with a guy who seemingly shows up every week around these parts, if just to make himself more famous, against a former Philadelphia hero who has only made Deadspin once, but in a rather glorious way. » 11/28/06 2:00pm 11/28/06 2:00pm

Darren Daulton Is Freaking Insane

OK, we touched on this earlier, but it's really something that has to be brought up again: That "SportsCenter" feature on former Phillies hero Darren Daulton has shaken us to our very core. » 4/10/06 3:45pm 4/10/06 3:45pm

Darren Daulton Has Gone Plum Damn Crazy

Crazier than Dennis Rodman. Crazier than Ron Artest. Crazier than Lawrence Taylor after a party at Gary Busey's house. That's how crazy Darren Daulton appears to be. » 2/17/06 11:26am 2/17/06 11:26am