Darren Daulton Promises He Won't Talk To Your Child About Martians

Former Phillies/Marlins catcher and semi-devout mystic Darren Daulton is heading a baseball camp at Stockton College in N.J. this August and is currently making the rounds in the Delaware Valley to promote it. That's fine — Daulton, for all of his flakiness and perceived wackiness still knows more about baseball than… »5/27/08 6:00pm5/27/08 6:00pm

Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Jay Mariotti Vs. Darren Daulton

After nearly a week off, the Deadspin SHOTY Tournament kicks back up today — just three more first-round matchups left — with a guy who seemingly shows up every week around these parts, if just to make himself more famous, against a former Philadelphia hero who has only made Deadspin once, but in a rather glorious way. »11/28/06 2:00pm11/28/06 2:00pm