Joe Buck Calls A Hockey Game (Sort Of)

St. Louis's favorite son, Joe Buck, was on hand for Blues-Kings last night and the St. Louis booth of Darren Pang and John Kelly invited Joe inside for some lively banter and a surprise play-by-play turn. Buck admittedly has no idea who any of the Kings are—to be fair to Joe, neither does Los Angeles—and refers to… » 2/12/13 9:00am 2/12/13 9:00am

If You Weren't Hanging Out With Joe Buck And Dave Coulier Last Night,…

So Joe Buck, Dave Coulier, Darren Pang, and radio guy Kelly Chase got together for last night's Blues game. And you still think the Illuminati aren't real? Wake up, sheeple. [Twitter] » 3/09/12 1:00pm 3/09/12 1:00pm

Darren Pang Isn't Racist, But His Tongue Nearly Was For A Second

Talking about the Montreal Canadiens' benching of defenseman P.K. Subban, TSN's Darren Pang "suggested that the flamboyant Subban might try to emulate St. Louis's Alex Pietrangelo and do things on and off the ice 'the white way.'" » 12/11/10 8:30pm 12/11/10 8:30pm