Ivy League Squash Is Serious Business

Harvard's big squash match at Dartmouth was livened up by some rowdy Big Green fans, and now Crimson supporters are crying homophobia and antisemitism. But wait until you read about what must be the most innocuous Jewish stereotype ever. » 12/06/09 2:00pm 12/06/09 2:00pm

Keggy Returns To Light The Way

As if you needed a reason to love Keggy the Keg — come on, he dispenses school spirit and alcohol! — there's this: Michael Wilbon once called him "That stupid beer thing." » 2/24/09 12:55pm 2/24/09 12:55pm

It's Drinking Time!

Longtime readers know full well of our fascination and affection for Keggy, the mascot with a heart of gold(schlager). Well, because it's a Friday afternoon, it's freezing in New York City and everyone just wants to go home/out and eradicate any lingering brain cells after the work week, we present this prank video… » 1/26/07 3:45pm 1/26/07 3:45pm

Imagine How All The Teams Who Play The Redskins Feel

We try not to bring any political correctness, or politics in general, around here, because sports are supposed to be fun, and politics is not fun and just makes people angry. But we couldn't help but think this was a little silly. The athletic director at Dartmouth published a letter in the student newspaper… » 11/22/06 3:15pm 11/22/06 3:15pm

Can One Costumed Beer Keg Mascot Make A Difference? Yes, He Can

Yes, because we're your trusted source for mascot news, we bring you Eight Mascots That Need To Die, from Armchair GM (via Bob Reno's BadJocks). Among the unfortunate winners are obvious choices, such as Screech the Hyperactive Fowl from the Washington Nationals, and the sad, besotted Stanford Tree. But we had never… » 4/26/06 1:15pm 4/26/06 1:15pm