Tiny Person Tim Lincecum And Large Person Kameron Loe Traded Uniforms

Here's some fun spring training shenanigans courtesy of the San Francisco Giants, who understand that people wearing comically ill-fitting clothes is always funny. Tim Lincecum, who is just 5-foot-11, traded uniforms with Kameron Loe, who is 6-foot-8. Much fun was had. » 3/06/14 5:19pm 3/06/14 5:19pm

Judge Who Wants Chad Johnson In Jail Is Legally Blind

The story out of Florida domestic court this morning was that Chad Johnson was this close to entering his plea deal when, for some reason, judge Katie McHugh asked him if he was happy with his attorney's performance. Johnson said yes and slapped his ass. When Judge McHugh saw this she rescinded the plea deal and… » 6/10/13 10:47pm 6/10/13 10:47pm

Chad Johnson Is Going To Jail Because He Slapped His Lawyer's Ass

Chad Johnson, who was once a famous and talented football player, is going to jail on a probation violation. The reason he's landed himself there? Some locker-room-style maneuvering in the courtroom. Inherit the Wind meets Playmakers, or something. From—where else?—TMZ: » 6/10/13 11:35am 6/10/13 11:35am

Watch DeMarco Murray Get Pantsed During Yesterday's Steelers-Cowboys…

Yesterday, running back DeMarco Murray joined the vaunted fraternity of Dallas Cowboys players who have had their butt cheeks put on display to be ogled by the masses when a routine tackle in the third quarter turned into an all-out pantsing. This is now third naked Cowboy ass we've seen this season, which will… » 12/17/12 10:27am 12/17/12 10:27am

The Jetsiest Jets Play Ever: Mark Sanchez Fumbles After Getting Floored…

A Mark Sanchez fumble, caused by a teammate's ass in mid-pratfall, returned for a touchdown. God bless you, New York Jets. You're one of life's inherently funny things, like words with "k" sounds or Millard Fillmore or talking bears. » 11/22/12 9:57pm 11/22/12 9:57pm

Brandon Marshall Took A Picture In Front Of A Big Naked Bear Ass

When Brandon Marshall arrived at the stadium this morning, he was excited to find a package from the University of Central Florida (his alma mater) waiting for him. » 11/14/12 9:10am 11/14/12 9:10am

Jerry Jones Spoke To Reporters In Front Of A Big Naked Cowboy Ass

Jerry Jones likes to do his media scrum in the middle of the Cowboys' locker room—That's why he was so furious last week when he was locked out. But things went better yesterday, both on the field (a 38-23 win in Philadelphia) and with the press. Except for that little matter of an unidentified player getting… » 11/12/12 10:25am 11/12/12 10:25am

Dallas Has A Crack Problem

Fumble pileups in the NFL are usually the scene for football's ugliest moves; fortunately (or unfortunately) viewers are usually spared the worst of what happens after a ball hits the turf. Sometimes, though, it happens out in the open, as Cowboys safety Eric Frampton learned while trying to recover a Dallas fumble… » 11/12/12 9:00am 11/12/12 9:00am

South Carolina Fan Arrested For Mooning The Crowd At LSU Game

You do get the feeling that Saturday night's game would have been extra-frustrating for a Gamecocks fan who traveled all the way from South Carolina only to watch his No. 3 team get upset in Baton Rouge. So that explains, but does not excuse, the actions of Charles Hattaway, a 34-year-old from Charleston, S.C. Let's… » 10/15/12 9:25am 10/15/12 9:25am

Red Sox (And Pants) Collapsing In Wake Of Johnny Pesky's Death

Reader Brendan sent this to us from outside Fenway Park last night. Sure, there was no Sox game but a Springsteen concert there last night—how could a sports fan ever know?—but we assume this dude neither knew nor cared. » 8/15/12 11:30am 8/15/12 11:30am

Early Doucet's Buttcheeks Are In The Red Zone

Thanks to reader "Woolsworth Featherbottom," who sits around pausing his DVR when overachieving receivers on underachieving teams expose various body parts to the world. » 11/07/11 1:05pm 11/07/11 1:05pm

How Bartolo Colon's Fat Ass Resurrected His Career

A Dominican medical team designed a rejuvenation treatment, in which they'd inject stem cells into the pitching arm, for Pedro Martinez. He turned them down. Bartolo Colon didn't. » 5/12/11 10:00am 5/12/11 10:00am

Some Chickenshit SEC School Complained About Alabama's Fax-Cam Girls

An unnamed SEC school filed a complaint with the conference over the girls Bama was using to retrieve faxes and post names on Signing Day. Mike Slive chided Alabama's AD. Oh, this gets the SEC to act swiftly. [AP] » 2/03/11 4:45pm 2/03/11 4:45pm

Everything About The Pro Bowl Was Half-Assed

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/31/11 9:40am 1/31/11 9:40am

Eagles Fans Celebrate Punt Return With Nudity

Eagles fans, folks. One promises to strip if DeSean Jackson wins the game; he's buck naked before Jackson hits the end zone. Another actually calls the return, and runs down the street topless. » 12/22/10 7:45pm 12/22/10 7:45pm

Terrence Williams Is Going To Miss The Queens Strip Clubs

Now's an excellent time to call attention to these photos of Williams (red cap) making it rain (with Ron Artest!) at Perfection Gentlemen's Club. Too bad there aren't women who take their clothes off for money in Houston. [What's Poppin, h/t BSnO] » 12/15/10 11:55am 12/15/10 11:55am