Daunte Culpepper's Rather Depressing Email Retirement

The starnge, sometimes brilliant career of quarterback Daunte Culpepper — who played Butch to Randy Moss' Sundance in six seasons with the Vikings — has announced his retirement. It wasn't at a press conference, but in an email to reporter Adam Schefter »9/04/08 12:45pm9/04/08 12:45pm. Replaced by Trent Green in Miami, a backup with the…

Culpepper Now Free To Have Naked Women Dance In His General Vicinity (But There, And Only There)

New Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper need not worry about the potential new ramifications of the term "lap dance" from jail; he has been cleared of all charges in the sex boat incident. His former teammate Moe Williams was not so lucky; he'll still have to strand trial, along with decidedly more ribald charges… »4/04/06 5:45pm4/04/06 5:45pm

What Is A Lap Dance? You Know, In An Existential Sense, Aren't We All Just God's Lap Dancers?

So the Vikings sex boat trial in Minnesota is going on, like, right now. Well, kind of; former quarterback Daunte Culpepper and fullback Moe Williams are trying to talk a judge into dismissing charges against them. The two players were charged, pretty much, with receiving lap dances, which has spun our legal system… »3/22/06 4:40pm3/22/06 4:40pm