Michigan Students Rally Against AD Dave Brandon's Incompetence

College students are lazy, apathetic creatures who only get excited by free pizza, which makes the fact that hundreds of University of Michigan students protested athletic director Dave Brandon's continued employment by the school all the more amazing. A "Fire Dave Brandon" rally was held tonight on the campus Diag,… »9/30/14 11:46pm9/30/14 11:46pm

Hey, Michigan: Illinois Will Show You Their Athletic Director's Contract If You Show Them Yours

We like to request records from public universities from time to time. We also like to request the requests made to these universities, which lets us know who's snooping around where. Mainly, it's reporters. Occasionally, though, one of our meta-requests reveals some high-level intercollegiate inanity, such as this… »2/07/12 3:52pm2/07/12 3:52pm