Comrades! The Nation's Dave Zirin Is Here To Talk Sports And Politics

Dave Zirin is the sports editor at The Nation, where he writes about politics and sports and angers conservatives every day. He's also a frequent guest on MSNBC and Outside the Lines, where he once found out firsthand just what a loon Paul Finebaum is. He's here now to answer whatever intelligent and nuanced… »1/29/13 1:30pm1/29/13 1:30pm

A Hank Williams Jr. Discussion Turned ESPN's OTL Into The Morton Downey Jr. Show

I mean, I think this conversation was about Hank Williams Jr. It was less than a minute old when Paul Finebaum, an Alabama radio personality, said Dave Zirin had uttered the "single stupidest [statement] [he's] ever heard in the history of this program." After that, Bomani Jones made some hilarious faces as the… »10/06/11 5:46pm10/06/11 5:46pm