The Washington Nationals Are Shutting Down Stephen Strasburg A Little Earlier Than Expected

They are flipping the switch as we speak. Strasburg is 15-6 with a 3.14 ERA, and will finish with those numbers. Strasburg was hit pretty solidly by the Marlins last night (the Nationals lost 9-7 in 10 innings), and today, manager Davey Johnson told the media it would be Strasburg's final start of the season. »9/08/12 1:05pm9/08/12 1:05pm

Joe Maddon Vs. Davey Johnson Is A Great Old Man Fight

"The most boring ejection in baseball history?" No way, man. Davey Johnson and Joe Maddon, two feisty and erudite managers representing the oldest of old and newest of new schools, have moved into their second day of sniping after Johnson alerted the umps to some pine tar on Joel Peralta's glove. These are angry men,… »6/20/12 7:10pm6/20/12 7:10pm

Davey Johnson Is Perplexed And Unmoved By Press Conference Fire Alarm

Okay, let's get this out of the way first. Yes, it's hilarious to hear Nats manager Davey Johnson say, completely out of context, "It was shockingly beautiful, and big. I'm looking at it and I'm thinking, jeez. My first one was in 1966." He's talking about Edwin Jackson's World Series ring. Not a penis. »4/18/12 9:20am4/18/12 9:20am