Last Night Was Probably The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Super Bowl Fair-Catch Kick, The Rarest Play In The NFL

When the Ravens intentionally took a safety, to give themselves better field position and run a few seconds off the clock, it brought the 49ers to within three points. It was the smart call, but it also raised the possibility of the rarest of all football plays—the fair-catch kick. It's only been attempted a handful… »2/04/13 3:20pm2/04/13 3:20pm


Let's Revisit The Dumb Stuff Rick Reilly Wrote About David Akers Last Year

In December 2011, Rick Reilly wrote one of his trademark telethon-monologue columns about then-37-year-old kicker David Akers, who'd overcome all manner of personal hardship to kick a bunch of field goals for the 49ers. It was basically a nice story, but because Reilly lives in an oversimple, cardboard-thin moral… »1/02/13 12:15pm1/02/13 12:15pm