David Blatt Plunked By Errant Pass

Cleveland handily dispatched Chicago tonight for their third straight win, continuing to right the ship after going 1-7 with that LeBron James fellow out injured. But while the heat on coach David Blatt's seat has somewhat dissipated—and he's not been moved around by James in a few nights—his life is still chockablock… » 1/19/15 11:54pm 1/19/15 11:54pm

Report: Cavaliers Players Ignore, Openly Gripe About David Blatt

The Cleveland Cavaliers, with LeBron James back and their starting five finally intact, got smoked by the Phoenix Suns last night. The team is now 19-20, the worst any team with LeBron on it has been this late in the season since his rookie year. And after the game, ESPN's Brian Windhorst dropped a report that won't… » 1/14/15 12:08pm 1/14/15 12:08pm

LeBron Moves Coach Blatt Aside To Attend To Grown Folks' Business

This is just David Blatt's existence now isn't it, suffering a long string of indignities and being treated more like a rookie player than a rookie coach? One day he is forced to clarify his comments after saying Kevin Love is not a max contract player, the next LeBron James is pushing him (likely to help prevent… » 1/13/15 11:59pm 1/13/15 11:59pm

Let The "LeBron Might Leave Us Again!" Freakout Begin

It's funny to consider how quickly things have snowballed for the Cleveland Cavaliers. On Sunday morning, they were a super-talented team that was still figuring things out and waiting to hit their stride. One brutal loss to the Pistons later, and there's talk that head coach David Blatt has lost the team, speculation… » 12/30/14 11:13am 12/30/14 11:13am

Hey, What Happened To The Juicy LeBron Quote In This ESPN Story?

Earlier today, ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein wrote about how Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt is struggling to communicate with his players, and how LeBron James wasn't exactly giving him a ringing endorsement. It turns out that the story originally featured a much stronger quote from LeBron on just how… » 12/29/14 11:39pm 12/29/14 11:39pm

David Blatt Is Officially On Notice

There's a lot going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They've alternated flashes of brilliance and basura. And LeBron James is not playing like LeBron James. Today, Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein dropped the news that players may have already tuned out rookie head coach David Blatt: » 12/29/14 7:57pm 12/29/14 7:57pm

Hannibal Buress's Postgame Question Puts Everything In Perspective

Hannibal Buress's question after Friday night's Cavs-Pelicans game is better than any "Talk about ..." prompt from actual reporters. David Blatt's answer is also solid. » 12/14/14 12:22pm 12/14/14 12:22pm

David Blatt's Just Trying To Coach Here, Man

LeBron James really wants to do everything, and bless him for trying, but David Blatt's the coach. There are only so many seconds in a timeout. » 11/20/14 12:31pm 11/20/14 12:31pm

Israel's War Against Hamas Is Justified, Says Cleveland Cavaliers Coach

We will direct you to this David Blatt interview with Israeli newspaper Globes and then back slowly away from the computer. In it, Blatt, the Cleveland Cavaliers' new head coach—and an American Jewish Israeli who once did us the great service of pissing off Coach K—talks about the current wave of fighting in Gaza… » 8/03/14 7:47pm 8/03/14 7:47pm

Last Night's Winner: Mike Krzyzewski, Restarting The Cold War

In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like the revival of Soviet-American tensions, exacerbated by a little trash talking from Coach K at the FIBA World Championships. Duck and cover, kids » 9/09/10 10:30am 9/09/10 10:30am