David Carr, Your Best Friend

There are hundreds and hundreds of people out there who believe that, secretly, they were David Carr's favorite. And maybe we all were. He had the rare emotional capacity to make each of us his favorite, one by one by one. » 2/13/15 10:44am 2/13/15 10:44am

Why Is An ESPN Vice President Spreading Rumors That I'm Straight?…

"I don't know your personal life," ESPN vice president and executive editor John Walsh told me, on the phone. "I wouldn't comment on anyone's personal life." » 12/05/12 7:30pm 12/05/12 7:30pm

Media Experts Dan Okrent, Jack Shafer, and David Carr Discuss ESPN's…

It's now been 138 days since we turned up ESPN entertainment writer Lynn Hoppes's extensive habit of copying and pasting from Wikipedia. If you click today on any of those stories—10 that we found, covering 12 examples of plagiarism—you'll find them just as they were several months ago. The plagiarism is still there,… » 11/26/12 2:31pm 11/26/12 2:31pm

The Single Saddest Moment Of The NFL Season

Your ears did not deceive you. That was a very vocal slice of 70,000 suffering 49ers fans chanting "We Want Carr." As in David Carr. This David Carr. Poor bastards. » 10/11/10 3:50pm 10/11/10 3:50pm

NFL Roundup: Lovie's Kind Of Town

• So here's something crazy: With a break or two, the Chicago Bears could have playoff home-field advantage in the NFC. Still, whether they win the Super Bowl or not, "Ditka" is always going to sound cooler than "Lovie."
• We're really starting to maybe think that Chesnning might really lead the Colts to an undefeated… » 11/21/05 9:45am 11/21/05 9:45am