David Cone Made An Unfortunate Reference To Ichiro's "Chopstick"

More than anything, I wager that David Cone's choice of words has more to do with the insatiable pressure that some announcers put on themselves to fill dead air or to feel as if they're adding their perspective to the telecast (especially if they happen to be a former player). Nonetheless, the five-ish seconds of… »10/03/12 11:30am10/03/12 11:30am

David Cone Made A Funny As John Sterling Cowered In Fear From A Foul Ball

David Cone, sitting just one booth over from John Sterling, showed off his sense of humor when a foul ball came screaming toward their respective position during tonight's Yankees-Red Sox game. We've seen the Sterling Shake before, so we know John has a certain agility when it comes to maneuvering within a press box's… »9/11/12 10:25pm9/11/12 10:25pm