David Einhorn Can Control The Mets For A Dollar, And Other Bad Omens For The Wilpons

When we last touched on the terms of the new Mets ownership deal, there was enough information to make fun of the Mets, but a key detail was missing. We knew that David Einhorn had essentially agreed to loan the Wilpons $200 million dollars in exchange for a third of the team until the loan was paid back, a guaranteed… »6/16/11 4:10pm6/16/11 4:10pm

Mets' New Owner Will Bankrupt Old Ones With A Creepy Smile On His Face

Mets fans—and, really, anyone looking for an MLB owner that's just the least bit interesting—squealed with joy last week over the team's new partner, David Einhorn. He made some smart bets as the economy was collapsing, finished 18th in the 2006 World Series of Poker, and, most importantly, was never a member of… »5/31/11 6:00pm5/31/11 6:00pm

Mets' New Owner Is Poker Whiz, Dave Kingman Impersonator, Ball-Busting Wall Street Turk

The cash-strapped Mets are in talks to sell a minority stake in the team to hedge fund manager David Einhorn for $200 million. Normally, minority shareholders aren't news, but these Mets aren't in a normal situation. With more than a billion dollars at stake in the Bernie Madoff lawsuit, the team hemorrhaging money to… »5/26/11 12:30pm5/26/11 12:30pm