St. Louis Columnist Determined To Uncover The Truth About David Freese's Car Crash

World Series hero David Freese had a car accident on Thanksgiving. He was driving his Range Rover in Wildwood, outside St. Louis, when a deer appeared ahead of him. Freese swerved to avoid it, lost control, and drove off the road an into a tree. At least, that's what they WANT you to think. »11/30/12 2:30pm11/30/12 2:30pm

Witness The Last Gasp Of Local News Reporting As It Repeatedly Hits On St. Louis Cardinal David Freese

Here is World Series MVP David Freese being subjected to quite possibly the most uncomfortably awkward fluff piece ever. Six Flags has a Mr. Freeze roller coaster and Show Me St. Louis' Julie Tristan decided it would be the perfect excuse to continually hit on the young Cardinal. She even brought in an assistant.… »4/28/12 5:13pm4/28/12 5:13pm

This Is All That Was Left Of David Freese's Jersey After His Bobbysoxer Teammates Got To Him

The Cardinals mobbed Freese in that familiar way as he reached home plate. But, beginning at the 2:23 mark of this video, they also tore his jersey to shreds like those squealing girls whose GI boyfriends were overseas in World War II used to do to Sinatra. The Hall of Fame is taking the torn remnants, plus Freese's… »10/28/11 12:25pm10/28/11 12:25pm