Mike Danton, David Frost, And The Return Of The Unkillable Hockey…

Two days after the St. Louis Blues were ousted from the 2004 playoffs, forward Mike Danton was arrested for conspiring to kill his part-agent-part-mentor-all-menace David Frost. Six years later, both are back into hockey: Danton in college, and Frost incognito. » 10/04/10 1:30pm 10/04/10 1:30pm

Hockey Player's Attempted Murder Conviction Just A Hilarious Case Of…

Sportsnet.ca has an epic interview with fresh-out-of-prison former Blues player Mike Danton, who says he didn't hire an assassin to kill his former coach/mentor, David Frost. He was really trying to kill his father. Totally different situation! [Sportsnet, via RiverfrontTimes] » 11/13/09 5:45pm 11/13/09 5:45pm

David Frost Wins Sexual Exploitation Trial With Class And Dignity

Most folks, after they narrowly avoid conviction on charges of sexual exploitation of minors, tend to lay low for awhile, graciously enjoying their freedom while the storm of publicity and bad feelings is given time to blow over. But not Canadian junior hockey guru David Frost. Nope. He's using his acquittal this… » 12/01/08 3:00pm 12/01/08 3:00pm

Rogue Agent Actually Much Worse Than Thought

Remember when we told you about David Frost, that creepy former "agent" who held undue influence over young hockey players, including St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton, who later tried to have him killed? » 8/23/06 12:45pm 8/23/06 12:45pm