Michael Beasley Has Not Yet Kicked That Demon Weed

The 2011 NBA lockout is a mere six days old, which means that we are way past due for a report of a league player getting cited for possession of marijuana. And now that I mention it, we are also (and always) way past due for a report of Michael Beasley getting busted for possession of marijuana — ideally by way of a… »7/06/11 3:30pm7/06/11 3:30pm

John Wall Also Knew The Cavs Were Going To Win The Lottery. HMM.

TrueHoop's Henry Abbott asks that we take a second look at this throwaway line from Harvey Araton's piece on Kyrie Irving in the New York Times today: "Tuesday night, John Wall — last year's first pick by Washington — whispered 'Cleveland' in [Irving's] ear before the cameras turned on." Hmm. HMM. [TrueHoop, New York… »5/19/11 6:10pm5/19/11 6:10pm

This Video Suggests That David Kahn Was Just Trying To Make A Funny

Yes, last night David Kahn broke the funny rule that jokes that are even vaguely about kids with terrible diseases and/or widows are never really funny, but the actual tone of the remarks he made last night — which have since given rise to conspiracy theories, a load of criticism, a Twitter trend, and lots of… »5/18/11 11:55am5/18/11 11:55am