Mets Identity Crisis Continues

First it was the return of Jerry Manuel and his weirdo aloof disposition to the Mets. Now, according to the Mets twitter feed, longtime Texas Ranger David Murphy is hitting RBI singles for the team while actual New York Met Daniel Murphy is lost somewhere looking for a position to play. At least the rental car could… » 8/18/12 10:15am 8/18/12 10:15am

The Texas Rangers Are Packing Some Serious Firepower

While in San Diego to take on the Padres, several members of the Texas Rangers stopped by a Navy Seals training facility today to tour the grounds, meet some military personnel, and get their hands on all sorts of battlefield-worthy assault rifles, with a handgun and mortar launcher thrown in for good measure. Even if… » 6/19/12 11:00pm 6/19/12 11:00pm