Yadier Molina Involved In Another Close Play At The Plate

David Ross was called out on this play and maybe he was. Ross didn't argue the call. It's also possible that he eluded Yadier Molina's glove and snuck his hand in and touched the plate before running into the glove. What is indisputable is that Molina has once again found himself the beneficiary of a close call at… » 10/28/13 10:34pm 10/28/13 10:34pm

David Ross Enjoys Life As A Major Leaguer

"TheNaturalMevs" of DiamondHoggers is rather upset with Reds catcher David Ross. Not just for his low batting average, but for his philandering ways. After the jump (and I can't tell exactly where that will be, the site just puts the jump wherever the hell it feels like these days), a story from a blogger's wife about… » 7/01/07 3:01pm 7/01/07 3:01pm