David Villa Breaking Down Is The Perfect, Saddest End To Spain's Dynasty

I'll admit it: I kind of love Spain. There was a time—weeks ago!—when they were considered the best team in the world, who had multiple, super long periods where they never lost to anyone for any reason and played a brand of soccer that wasn't just the best but was the culmination of all the best thinking about the… »6/23/14 2:51pm6/23/14 2:51pm


David Villa Just Scored A Golazo In His First Match Against Barcelona

Barcelona sold David Villa to Atlético Madrid this summer, partly because he's old and he never quite recovered after breaking his leg two years ago, and partly to make room for new signing Neymar. But David Villa is a legend, and he's a legend because he's long been one of the best finishers in the world, so in the… »8/21/13 5:45pm8/21/13 5:45pm