Let's Watch David West Send The Cavs' Mascot To The Hospital By Punching The Shit Out Of Him

We told you yesterday morning about what happened to poor Moondog, the Cleveland Cavaliers' mascot who had to go the hospital the night before after being punched in the eye by the Pacers' David West. A different video, shot from a distance, has been making its way around the Internet since then, though because the… »4/13/12 4:40pm4/13/12 4:40pm


The Cavaliers' Mascot Had To Go To The Hospital Because David West Punched Him In The Eye

It's all fun and games until an NBA player lands a punch that sends a man in a giant dog costume to the hospital. This was the scene before last night's Pacers-Cavs game at Quicken Loans Arena, according Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer, who reported the story with the all the seriousness it deserved: »4/12/12 10:25am4/12/12 10:25am