Here's How Marquette Erased A Six-Point Davidson Lead In The Final…

Vander Blue took over in the final moments to lead Marquette past an upset-minded Davidson team today in Lexington, though a brutal blunder on the Wildcats' part sealed their fate as much as the Golden Eagles' suddenly hot shooting. » 3/21/13 5:58pm 3/21/13 5:58pm

Davidson Is Going Dancing

Congratulations to the Davidson Wildcats, who in beating Western Carolina 93-91 in double overtime won the Southern Conference tournament and punched their ticket to the dance. [ESPN2] » 3/05/12 11:51pm 3/05/12 11:51pm

Stephen Curry Breaks Blogger's Heart

Stephen Curry will forgo his senior season at Davidson and enter the NBA Draft, raining tears all over the Southern Conference—and also breaking a special promise he made to one little blogger. » 4/23/09 11:45am 4/23/09 11:45am

Is This The End Of Stephen Curry?

Davidson bombed out of the Southern Conference tourney in the semifinals, bringing their season to a halt at 26-7 and probably leaving last year's tourney darling on the outside looking in. » 3/09/09 3:00pm 3/09/09 3:00pm

ESPN Presents Stephen Curry's BracketBusters, Starring Stephen Curry

Surely ESPN spends a lot of time and money putting together its annual BracketBusters event. But if all they want to do is be the PR firm for the Curry family, why bother? » 2/21/09 2:30pm 2/21/09 2:30pm

Is There Anything Stephen Curry Can't Do?

Some kid named Stephen Curry drains an 80-footer at the first-half buzzer last night. I wonder if we'll hear his name again? [Another look here] » 1/29/09 12:45pm 1/29/09 12:45pm

Sonya Curry Back On American Radars

I don't understand the Sonya Curry phenomenon. (Actually, I didn't even know there was one, but apparently it's tearing up the charts.) The mother of Davidson sharpshooter Stephen Curry is an attractive 40-something teacher and a former athlete herself, but does that really make her any more interesting than any of… » 12/10/08 1:30pm 12/10/08 1:30pm

The Moonstruck, Rather Wacky Email From Jimmy Patsos To Kornheiser And…

Being a major college basketball coach is like taking a daily bath in crock pot set at 450; you live in your basketball world 24/7, eating and breathing the insanity until stuff like what you're about to read below slowly starts making sense. Following the jump is a rather remarkable letter from Loyola, Maryland… » 12/04/08 4:10pm 12/04/08 4:10pm

Enjoy The Whimsical Coaching Stylings Of Jimmy Patsos

In our latest edition of Coaching Tactics For The Comically Insane, we present Loyola. Md. coach Jimmy Patsos, who had a foolproof way to defend Davidson's Stephen Curry on Tuesday. Patsos rolled out the triangle-and-two, and with devastating effect: Curry was held scoreless. One problem, though. Patsos' team lost by… » 11/26/08 1:15pm 11/26/08 1:15pm

Someone Please Explain "Overtime" To The Arizona Wildcats

People can't seem to get over the fact that Donovan McNabb was unclear on the concept of tying (he's a professional football player!), but we guess Arizona's basketball team didn't get the memo either » 11/19/08 12:00pm 11/19/08 12:00pm. See, if two teams have the same score when that last buzzer goes off, the game continues with an extra five-minute…

Stephen Curry's Mom...The Early Years

Davidson fans are overjoyed that guard Stephen Curry will not parlay his NCAA tournament popularity into a lucrative NBA contract. One other perk for school will be that his mother, Sonya, will also be in attendance next year, doing wonders for their national television coverage and alumni association. » 4/03/08 6:10pm 4/03/08 6:10pm

Davidson And The Fragile Nature Of Sexual Momentum

This is BALLS DEEP With Big Daddy Drew (Balls® is a registered trademark and has been used with the expressed written consent of AJ Daulerio). It's gonna be like an SI Point After column, only with dick jokes. Enjoy. » 4/03/08 2:20pm 4/03/08 2:20pm

Davidson Breaks Their Own Hearts

One of our best friends went to Davidson, and, not wanting to dare to miss history, booked a whirlwind trip from Columbia, Missouri to Detroit yesterday. We've made similar, holy shit we have to BE there sports trips before, and they rarely turn out well. It's one thing to take a crazy 24-hour jaunt to see your team… » 3/31/08 9:15am 3/31/08 9:15am

Your Davidson-Kansas Live Blog

And now the Davidson Wildcats are all that stands in the way of an all 1-seed Final Four. If they, and we've been assured all day they are not just Stephen Curry, can deal Bill Self another regional final loss, they will be the first 10 seed to make the Final Four. » 3/30/08 4:45pm 3/30/08 4:45pm

Davidson Has Some Pretty Sweet Trustees

If you needed another reason to cheer for Davidson in the NCAA Tournament tomorrow night, here's a great one: The school's administration is paying for students to go to Detroit for the Sweet 16. » 3/27/08 10:00am 3/27/08 10:00am

STF's Midwest Regional Preview

Now that we are down to just sixteen teams, STF will profile each Regional lineup to see how we got here, what the Sweet 16 really means to each participating school, and who has the best chance to advance to San Antonio. The second of two today, here's the Midwest. » 3/26/08 4:00pm 3/26/08 4:00pm