Audio: Kids Bombard Davidson With Messages For Steph Curry

During Steph Curry’s journey to the Finals, his alma mater’s been getting calls from kids wanting things: Shoes, visits, even contact information for Curry’s agent for NBA tryouts. Davidson men’s basketball SID Joey Beeler said he got over 40 calls in two days this week. (Beeler had to change his number.) Here are… »6/10/15 5:01pm6/10/15 5:01pm


The Moonstruck, Rather Wacky Email From Jimmy Patsos To Kornheiser And Wilbon

Being a major college basketball coach is like taking a daily bath in crock pot set at 450; you live in your basketball world 24/7, eating and breathing the insanity until stuff like what you're about to read below slowly starts making sense. Following the jump is a rather remarkable letter from Loyola, Maryland… »12/04/08 4:10pm12/04/08 4:10pm

Enjoy The Whimsical Coaching Stylings Of Jimmy Patsos

In our latest edition of Coaching Tactics For The Comically Insane, we present Loyola. Md. coach Jimmy Patsos, who had a foolproof way to defend Davidson's Stephen Curry on Tuesday. Patsos rolled out the triangle-and-two, and with devastating effect: Curry was held scoreless. One problem, though. Patsos' team lost by… »11/26/08 1:15pm11/26/08 1:15pm

Someone Please Explain "Overtime" To The Arizona Wildcats

People can't seem to get over the fact that Donovan McNabb was unclear on the concept of tying (he's a professional football player!), but we guess Arizona's basketball team didn't get the memo either »11/19/08 12:00pm11/19/08 12:00pm. See, if two teams have the same score when that last buzzer goes off, the game continues with an extra five-minute…