Dayton Advances To The Round Of 64 On Sketchy No-Call At Home

Dayton beat Boise State 56-55 tonight to advance to the first round proper of the NCAA tournament, but Boise State and their fans will spend the next couple of weeks believing they were jobbed. Boise State's Derrick Marks saw his last second three-point attempt miss badly, but he'll argue that he only missed because… » 3/19/15 12:02am 3/19/15 12:02am

UMass Player Completely Blindsided By Crushing Screen

UMass guard Trey Davis is probably still upset with his teammates this morning, because not one of those assholes thought it would be a good idea to call out the screen and save him from getting planted into the hardwood by Kendall Pollard. » 1/30/15 1:29pm 1/30/15 1:29pm

Kicker Lives The Dream, Scores Touchdown On Own Kickoff

This is William Will, the emphatically named kicker for Dayton, swooping in to recover a fumble and take it to the house for (we are going out on a giant limb here) his first career touchdown. He was named the FCS Pioneer League's special teams player of the week, because come the fuck on. » 10/13/14 5:02pm 10/13/14 5:02pm

Gainesville TV Station Recreates NCAA Highlights To Beat Restrictions

Broadcast rules stipulate that non-CBS stations can't show March Madness highlights until the day after the game, so ABC affiliate WCJB in Gainesville recapped the Gators' win over Dayton with its own recreated footage. It does not disappoint. » 3/30/14 3:36pm 3/30/14 3:36pm

Here's Some Up-Close Footage Of The Riot In Dayton Last Night

A tipster sends along a few videos he shot from the University of Dayton campus last night, which once again got to riotin' after the Flyers beat Stanford. If there's one thing Dayton students know how to do, it's gather in a large group and jump up an down and yell a lot » 3/28/14 9:36am 3/28/14 9:36am

"They May Riot. Whatever." Dayton Students Go Hogwild Over Elite Eight

Dayton is in the NCAA tournament round of eight for the first time since 1984, and students at the private, Catholic university are rightfully excited. When your Sweet 16 celebration features the college president crowd-surfing, it sets a pretty high bar for tidings. » 3/28/14 1:31am 3/28/14 1:31am

Dayton Campus Is Going Crazy After Upsetting Syracuse

We can now officially welcome the Flyers to March Madness. We showed you the selfie with the Dayton president earlier and now we have actual video of Dayton President Dan Curran crowdsurfing to chants of "Dr. Dan, Dr. Dan." » 3/23/14 1:21am 3/23/14 1:21am

March Madness Means Crowd-Surfing College President Selfies

» 3/22/14 11:06pm 3/22/14 11:06pm

"Scoochie Goochie Koo" To The Sweet 16: Dayton Upsets 'Cuse

THE Dayton Flyers keep on rolling into the Sweet Sixteen after upsetting another Brand Name program with a 55-53 win over Syracuse in Buffalo. Bill Raftery was jazzed. » 3/22/14 10:21pm 3/22/14 10:21pm

Dayton Upsets OSU, Has Pizza-And-Dance Party In Locker Room

Dayton Defuses Aaron Craft's Heroics With Last-Second Glass

Vee Sanford's runner off the glass delivered the Dayton Flyers a 60-59 upset over Ohio State that looked like a win for the Buckeyes after Aaron Craft's acrobatic drive to the hoop seconds before. » 3/20/14 2:28pm 3/20/14 2:28pm

A Dayton Women's Hoops Player's Only Career Basket Warms Our Frigid…

Ebony Gainey joined the University of Dayton women's basketball team four years ago but had never played in a game until this past Saturday, when the Flyers wrapped up their regular season with a 69-51 victory over Fordham. She was diagnosed with a heart condition just before her freshman year that kept her from… » 3/03/11 4:00pm 3/03/11 4:00pm

Thunderous Dunk Uses Opponent's Chest As A Springboard

Best we can tell, this is from the third level of the German pro basketball system, and that's University of Dayton grad Marcus Johnson going all Tom Chambers on some poor schmo. All 35 fans were thrilled. » 11/17/10 12:50pm 11/17/10 12:50pm

NCAA First Round: (6) West Virginia vs. (11) Dayton

Midwest Region: No. 6 West Virginia (23-11) vs. No. 11 Dayton (26-7)
When: Friday, 3:00 p.m., EDT
Where: Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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