Report: A Bunch Of Athletes Run Sketchy Charities

Two weeks ago, Deadspin's very own Anonymous PR Guy wrote of a former client, "He had a charity, too, which was simply a front to pay his family members (as most athlete charities are)." A New York Post report yesterday bears him out. » 7/02/12 11:15am 7/02/12 11:15am

So D'Brickashaw Ferguson's Shoe Got Stuck In Patrick Chung's Helmet For…

The Jets tackle delivered a block on Kyle Arrington when his foot met Chung's facemask and wouldn't let go, ripping the helmet right off of Chung's head. Ferguson would need the assistance of two officials to finally pry the shoe loose. [Cosby Sweaters] » 10/10/11 10:00am 10/10/11 10:00am

Here's What Confused NFL Players Are Doing This Morning

Showing up to work out, some of them. Except not really working out. And the ones that arrived are either union guys checking the lay of the land, or players openly concerned about their workout bonuses. Mostly, players walked in, hung around for a couple of minutes then went home. Everyone's pretty confused. » 4/26/11 12:50pm 4/26/11 12:50pm

D'Brickashaw. Nothing Rhymes With That.

Ah, the Jets pick. I love this. I'm not sure that any of the Jets fans in the house really care about improving their team... I do know, however, that they want the Jets to take the most famous guy. Obviously, I'm hoping it's D'Brickashaw Ferguson, and they boo the hell out of him, but I have a feeling they're taking… » 4/29/06 1:41pm 4/29/06 1:41pm