Deadpool Is A Superhero Who Refuses To Act Like One

The two biggest movie releases of Summer 2016 are both going to be overwrought action movies cut with brief interludes of Men Breathing Heavily Through Their Noses With Emotion, and they are both going to pull in a small nation’s GDP worth of box office receipts. Take your pick: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice or


Deadpool Has Changed the X-Men Movies Forever, But That May Just Be the Beginning

Forget Days of Future Past. Sending Wolverine’s consciousness back to the 1970s may have erased the calamity of X3: X-Men United, but that’s small potatoes compared to how Deadpool may have altered the trajectory of the future of Fox’s X-Men movie universe—and a lot of other superhero movies, too.

Breaking Down the Bat@#$% Badassery of the Deadpool Trailers

Deadpool footage is finally here, and it is looking awesome. But we’re not just here for the violence and the fourth-wall-breaking—we’re here to find out what secrets we can uncover from Fox’s new take on the merc with a mouth, as well as the decidedly NSFW differences between the two trailers. Join us, won’t you?…