Purity Went To Communist East Germany And Found Itself

We’ll move further along in Purity in just a moment. First, I want to relay the story of what happened the first time I opened the book up after the last dispatch, in which I discussed how much truer and more knowledgeably written Jonathan Franzen’s one-paragraph description of Santa Cruz’s weather patterns rang than… »9/30/15 1:52pm9/30/15 1:52pm

Who Really Hits The Homers In The Kid Who Only Hit Homers? The Depressing Message Of Matt Christopher's Classic Book

Is The Kid Who Only Hit Homers a fable about the value of teamwork? Or is it a tale of using magic to get ahead, in which Babe Ruth is to Sylvester Coddmyer III as the devil is to Robert Johnson? The book, Matt Christopher's 1972 chef d'oeuvre, introduced the world to young Sylvester Coddmyer III, the kid who only… »8/29/12 3:00pm8/29/12 3:00pm