The Buttsaw That Is The NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals

Well. That happened. If anything this exercise in permanent body desecration has taught me this: I will never, ever bet on the Philadelphia Eagles again. » 1/21/09 6:30pm 1/21/09 6:30pm

Congratulations, Buzzsaw

Can't say that this isn't a massive disappointment for both Donovan McNabb and my skin, but the scrappy Arizona Cardinals did what the scrappy Arizona Cardinals do, I guess. So did the Eagles, unfortunately. » 1/18/09 6:24pm 1/18/09 6:24pm

The NFC Championship Subplot May Be More Entertaining Than The Actual…

Yes, I know 95% of the football-watching population is disappointed that two 9-win teams are meeting in the NFC Championship game. Two of us are happy. » 1/12/09 6:24pm 1/12/09 6:24pm