Get To Know A Comic You Probably Don't Know: Jessica Kirson

Who? Jessica Kirson started in New York. She's big but never uses it to self-pity or incur sympathy. She uses it to destroy. The hardest comics to follow on a show are the ones that change the rhythm of a room. A one-liner comic throws off the pattern for the comedians that follow because the audience adapted to… »8/11/11 1:20pm8/11/11 1:20pm


Get To Know A Comic You Probably Don't Know: David Walton

Who? The entertainment industry makes no sense. It is capricious mix of talent, looks and most importantly, luck. Here is an example. There were two excellent comic actors in my college senior class. Both were charismatic, hard-working and good-looking dudes. They arranged a performance of Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross »8/10/11 6:45pm8/10/11 6:45pm