Today's Best Deals: Cast Iron, Memory Foam, 5TB External, and More

If you think our daily deal coverage was getting a bit heavy, we agree. What you'll see on our main site homepages now will be the best of the best in terms of deals, and those who want everything can still visit our full post on Kinja Deals, which goes up earlier. » 3/10/15 1:45pm 3/10/15 1:45pm

Start Your Sous Vide Setup, Upgrade Your Home Theater, and More Deals

If you're curious about sous-vide cooking, the excellent Anova Precision Sous-Vide cooker is down to an all-time low price today. This is the Sweethome's pick for best budget sous vide circulator, and has fantastic user reviews to boot. [Anova Precision Sous-Vide Cooker, $154 with code SPRING25] » 3/09/15 1:15pm 3/09/15 1:15pm