Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For People Who Actually Play Sports

Remember those halcyon days of yesteryear, before middle school team cuts codified who could and couldn't play, when everyone regularly played sports solely for the love? For some, those days never ended. Others need to be reminded that sport without an audience is worthwhile, too. For them, we would like your gift… »12/09/13 12:57pm12/09/13 12:57pm

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For People Who Like To Drink

Some of us like to drink, some of us need to drink, and some don't care about the distinction and frankly are a little miffed at you for bringing it up in the first place. One thing we all can agree on, though, is that free sauce is always a welcome gift. Share with us your gift ideas for drinkers in the discussion… »12/04/13 12:57pm12/04/13 12:57pm

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Sad Knicks Fans

We're in the midst of a typical New York Knicks season, meaning yet another talented but disjointed squad is underachieving for fans with both unrealistic expectations and a fatalistic acknowledgment of what was always to be. To cheer them up—or kick them while they're down—we're enlisting you for gift ideas for sad… »12/03/13 12:21pm12/03/13 12:21pm

Holiday Gift Guides: For People Who Like To Eat Meat And Cheese

We suggested bacon-themed gifts last Christmas, but now we're opening things up a bit, because your arteries aren't all the way clogged yet: What do you get for someone who likes to eat meat and cheese? Cookware suggestions, meat suggestions, whatever—we want all of it. Just none of that Williams-Sonoma shit. Meat.… »11/28/12 4:35pm11/28/12 4:35pm