This Is What Happens When Things Get Real At The Tuscaloosa Waffle House

"Investigators have determined that the fight was linked to an August robbery, [Tuscaloosa Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brent ] Blankley said. ... The camera that captured the fight on video was turned on after security in the restaurant made the parties involved leave the building. Blankley said videotaping of… »10/25/11 8:30pm10/25/11 8:30pm


Help Identify Vancouver's Hardened Thugs Like This Guy (UPDATE)

After the public embarrassment comes the public shaming. Enterprising Vancouverites have set up a page where you can upload your photos of last night's troublemakers, and more importantly, identify any that you recognize. VPD will announce later today how to narc out these assholes (and we'll update here). Remember:… »6/16/11 11:40am6/16/11 11:40am