Despite Jeff Novitzky's Life's Work, Cheating At Sports Is Still Not A Crime

Jeff Novitzki was an IRS agent. Not an avenging angel sent from above, nor an earthly crusader for all that is good and pure in America, but a bureaucrat. Somewhere along the way he got it into his mind that it was his job and his job alone (and his only job) to eradicate the peril of steroids in sports. He's with the… »7/14/11 3:20pm7/14/11 3:20pm


Without Good Faith: Explaining The Critical Ruling Against The NFL

In briefest terms, a federal judge's ruling found that the NFL's curious broadcast contracts for the 2011 season amount to a "war chest" the league improperly obtained specifically for a lockout. But what does this mean for fans, players and owners, and what happens next? Let's try to make a very complicated situation… »3/02/11 2:05pm3/02/11 2:05pm