Despite Jeff Novitzky's Life's Work, Cheating At Sports Is Still Not A…

Jeff Novitzki was an IRS agent. Not an avenging angel sent from above, nor an earthly crusader for all that is good and pure in America, but a bureaucrat. Somewhere along the way he got it into his mind that it was his job and his job alone (and his only job) to eradicate the peril of steroids in sports. He's with the… » 7/14/11 3:20pm 7/14/11 3:20pm

The Brilliant Legal Mind Behind Mark Cuban's "Fuck You" Brief

We had to ask Mark Cuban for comment on today's legal filing, which consisted of a photo of the Mavericks celebrating a title. It's a dagger of a brief in the face of a suit accusing him of mismanaging the team, and it shuts down any comebacks. But Cuban deflected credit, telling us "it was all the lawyers." » 6/22/11 3:10pm 6/22/11 3:10pm

Without Good Faith: Explaining The Critical Ruling Against The NFL

In briefest terms, a federal judge's ruling found that the NFL's curious broadcast contracts for the 2011 season amount to a "war chest" the league improperly obtained specifically for a lockout. But what does this mean for fans, players and owners, and what happens next? Let's try to make a very complicated situation… » 3/02/11 2:05pm 3/02/11 2:05pm

StarCaps Case Takes Heller-esque Turn

A judge says that for Kevin and Pat Williams's cases to proceed, they have to prove they are employed by the NFL, while the league maintains they are solely Vikings employees. Does Deadspin LLP care to weigh in? [Star Tribune] » 2/19/10 12:30am 2/19/10 12:30am

Trademarking Sports: Who Owns What You Watch

With the uproar over the rights to Who Dat, it's instructive to take a look at a brief history of sports trademarks (with the help of the US Patent Office) and learn that the right person rarely ever gets rich. » 2/03/10 8:00pm 2/03/10 8:00pm