Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Saw The Craziest Buzzer-Beater …

This Is One Of The Craziest Buzzer-Beaters You Will Ever See | If you've ever thought just throwing the ball up in the air and letting time expire was a good idea, just watch. Mt. Vernon tries to do it with a half-assed toss and New Rochelle gets the ball back and splashes a half-court shot with .1 left. Absolutely… » 3/04/13 9:40am 3/04/13 9:40am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Everything Went To Hell At Daytona

Crash At NASCAR Nationwide Race At Daytona Leaves Kyle Larson's Car Torn In Half By Fence, Spectators Injured By Debris | A massive wreck at the checkered flag sent Larson's car through the catch fence, sending debris and even the car's engine itself hurtling toward spectators. Read » » 2/25/13 9:45am 2/25/13 9:45am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Craig Ehlo Told Us What It's Like…

"I'm Gonna Tell You What I'm Gonna Do": What It Was Like To Guard Michael Jordan, According To Craig Ehlo | "I'm gonna catch it on the left elbow, and then I'm gonna drive to the left to the baseline, and then I'm gonna pull up and shoot my fadeaway." Read » » 2/18/13 10:05am 2/18/13 10:05am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Two Dudes Showed Us How To Sneak…

Two Savannah State Students Recorded Themselves Sneaking Into The Super Bowl | Highlights include one of the men incredulously narrating "I wonder what's going on-they should've stopped us, they should've stopped us but they didn't." Read » » 2/11/13 10:10am 2/11/13 10:10am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend LeSean McCoy Had A Twitter War…

LeSean McCoy Sics Twitter Army On His "Broke, Worthless" Babymama After She Accuses Him Of Being A Deadbeat Dad | It's all a bunch of stupid drama, but at the very least LeSean McCoy comes across as a piece of shit when he could have simply walked away. Read » » 1/28/13 10:15am 1/28/13 10:15am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Jim Harbaugh Lost His Mind

Jim Harbaugh's Failed Challenge Freakout Is Even Better In Extreme Slow Motion | Jim Harbaugh is an absolute lunatic. That's really all there is to say. Read » » 1/21/13 9:50am 1/21/13 9:50am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Watched The Game Of The Year

Infinite Manningfaces For The Game Of The Year And Colin Kaepernick Fooling All Of Wisconsin: Saturday's NFL Playoff Games, In GIFs | This may well be remembered as the game of the season, in no small part because conditions conspired to make things nearly impossible for the combatants, and they somehow both prevailed … » 1/14/13 10:15am 1/14/13 10:15am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Some Bros Snuck Into The Knicks…

A Group Of Bros Infiltrated The Knicks Locker Room, Asked Gregg Popovich About J.R. Smith, And Got Kicked Out After Snapping A Picture Of Half-Naked Carmelo | The conclusions are obvious. If you act like you belong, you do belong. Read » » 1/07/13 10:15am 1/07/13 10:15am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Made Delicious Bean Dip

How To Make A Bean Dip: A Guide For New Year's Eve Partygoers Who Are Getting Too Old For This Shit | There's no way around it: When you first place your bowl on the food table, peel away the aluminum foil or plastic wrap, and are engulfed in a rising cloud of bean-steam, you're going to feel exquisitely dorky and old. … » 12/31/12 9:50am 12/31/12 9:50am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Football Fans Said Racist Things…

"Take That Nigger Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!": Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football | NBC pre-empted the first quarter of tonight's 49ers-Patriots game to show President Obama's speech at the Newtown memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. As you might expect, many football fans… » 12/17/12 10:03am 12/17/12 10:03am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Manny Pacquiao Got Knocked Out

A Bloodied Juan Manuel Márquez Annihilated Manny Pacquiao With This Brutal Sixth-Round Knockout Punch | It's the first time since 1999 Manny Pacquiao has been knocked out, and the first "official" win for Márquez in a series of fights the Mexican boxer's fans have long believed to have unjust outcomes. Read » » 12/10/12 9:45am 12/10/12 9:45am

Weekend Roundup: Our Coverage Of The Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide, And …

Friend: Belcher "Was Dazed, Suffering From Short-Term Memory Loss" After Last Game; Alcohol, Painkillers, Domestic Tensions Played Role In Murder-Suicide | In a series of frank of revealing emails to Deadspin, a friend of Jovan Belcher described the late Chiefs linebacker as an "immature" young man whipsawed between… » 12/03/12 11:00am 12/03/12 11:00am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Ed Hochuli Talked About Butts

If You've Ever Wanted To Hear Ed Hochuli Talk About Buttocks, Today Is Your Day | We're surprised this doesn't happen more often, and maybe it does-but hearing popular NFL referee Ed Hochuli do it has a special flair. Read » » 11/26/12 10:30am 11/26/12 10:30am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend A SportsCenter Anchor Got A…

A Frustrated Neil Everett Muttered "Son Of A Bitch, Goddammit" Live On SportsCenter | An apparently rough episode of SportsCenter got the best of anchor Neil Everett tonight, as going to break a hot microphone caught the personality muttering some mildly inappropriate language at the end of tonight's 1 a.m. show. Read » » 11/19/12 10:25am 11/19/12 10:25am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Unforgot The '72 Dolphins

Go Home, Everybody: We Found The Most Ridiculous Fan In The World | He was at the Dolphins game. They lost by 34. To the Titans. Unforgotten isn't a word. Is that a bowling tattoo on the right side of his torso? Read » » 11/12/12 11:05am 11/12/12 11:05am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend An Old Golfer Went On A Fantastic …

"Suck My Fuckin' Dick, You Piece Of Shit": Golfer Mark Wiebe's On-Air Meltdown Would Fit In Well On Your Local Muni | PGA Champions tour golfer Mark Wiebe's missed putt during yesterday's second round sent the 55-year-old on a humorously foul tirade. Read » » 10/29/12 10:00am 10/29/12 10:00am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Some NHL Fans And Announcers…

Columbus Blue Jackets Fans Gathered At a Bar For An Xbox Simulation Last Night, And The Blue Jackets' Radio Announcers Showed Up To Call It | Lest you think that it's weird or crazy to spend your Friday watching simulation video game hockey, consider your plan of action if your favorite sport was locked out, and your… » 10/22/12 10:58am 10/22/12 10:58am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Sang "Take On Me"

Nationals Buoyed By Fans' "Magical" A-Ha Singalongs To "Take On Me"-And Tonight's Was The Best Yet | As noted earlier this week, Michael Morse's walkup music choice of a-ha's "Take On Me" has become a rallying cry for "Natitude." The intensity of the singing has increased as the series has gone on, and tonight's eighth-inning … » 10/15/12 9:55am 10/15/12 9:55am

Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Saw MLB's Desperate Attempt To…

MLB Removed The Phrase "We Don't Understand The Infield Fly Rule" From Its Twitter Profile | Major League Baseball quietly edited its Twitter profile in the moments after the infield fly debacle in Atlanta tonight, removing the line "We don't understand the infield fly rule, either" from its description. Read » » 10/08/12 12:30pm 10/08/12 12:30pm

Roundup: What You Missed During The Weekend That We Learned People…

Gordon Gee, Ohio State's "Best Recruiter" Of Uncompensated Student-Athletes, Expensed $64,000 Over Five Years On Bow Ties: "The university spends tens of thousands of dollars alone branding Gee around his signature bow ties. Since 2007, Ohio State has spent more than $64,000 on bow ties, bow tie cookies and O-H and bow… » 10/01/12 11:35am 10/01/12 11:35am