Jay Cutler's On-And-Off Ladyfriend, Kristin Cavallari, Says He Has The…

@KristinCav wishes @JayCutler6, and his butt, luck tonight against Juan Castillo and his occasionally ferocious wide nine defense: "To the man with the best butt in football, good luck tonight @jaycutler6 ill be watching." Suave Cutler replies, "thanks babe." » 11/07/11 7:00pm 11/07/11 7:00pm

20 Things Angry Buffalo Fans Wrote To A Female Sports Columnist Who…

Last week, Jennifer Gish—a sportswriter who is a woman—wrote a column for the Albany Times Union that questioned "whether the Bills faithful had a right to demand respect after a 2-0 start." After it was published, some Bills fans wrote to Gish. Here is what they told her (I've taken out the newspaper's demure… » 9/29/11 1:00pm 9/29/11 1:00pm

Your Royal Wedding Open Thread

Right, so this is about to happen. Don't even pretend like you've above this, because you watch pro sports, and there's nothing less inherently important than pro sports. Also, David Beckham got an invite, so this is relevant. » 4/29/11 5:00am 4/29/11 5:00am

The Confessions Of A Misery Voyeur: Your Guest Jamboroo

Drew Magary’s Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season. Our own Katie Baker is filling in for him this week. » 11/11/10 5:20pm 11/11/10 5:20pm

A Very Special Edition Of The Funbag: Your Questions, Answered By A…

Good afternoon! I'm taking a brief break from lady-wrangling over at Jezebel so that I may have the pleasure of filling in for Drew today. Because while his funbags are considerable, mine are better. » 11/10/10 4:50pm 11/10/10 4:50pm

The Curious Case Of The Uterine-Expanding, Digitally Disappearing…

On Sept. 25, Picabo Street was a celebrity picker on ESPN College Gameday, which was on location for the Oregon St.-Boise St. game. She was described as "visibly pregnant, prepared and enthusiastic" in the Idaho Statesman's story about ESPN coming to town. To understand why a visibly pregnant Picabo Street is odd, and… » 10/15/10 6:00pm 10/15/10 6:00pm

She Got Gam: FIBA Considers Lower Rims, Higher Hems For Women's…

FIBA is considering some changes to international women's basketball, including lowering the rim to bring dunking to the game—finally—as well as new, monocle-fogging uniforms that'll make the sport "more attractive for spectators and media." We've come a long way, baby. » 10/04/10 3:40pm 10/04/10 3:40pm

Last Night's Winner: Women

In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like female sports fans out there, who are finally getting an ESPN of their very own. Say hello to espnW, coming soon to (maybe) a television near you. » 10/01/10 11:35am 10/01/10 11:35am

SportsCenter First Is A Milestone For Attractive, Well-Dressed Female…

At noon today, two female SportsCenter anchors handed the baton off to two other women, a first in the show's long history. Truly this is a monumental day in the long struggle for women's rights. » 9/28/10 4:05pm 9/28/10 4:05pm

"When Their Panties're Moist, We'll Give 'Em The Finale": One Stud's…

Paul Solotaroff, the guy with the pecs in the above photo, lived through the age of muscle, which on one notable occasion found our hero shimmying for horny Long Island women, his dick in a Star of David rayon sling. » 8/20/10 12:50pm 8/20/10 12:50pm

David Geffen Knows This Song Is About Him (UPDATE)

Carly Simon has apparently revealed the subject of "You're So Vain," and it's David Freaking Geffen, who is gay. (Um, "wife of a close friend"?) Better him than Cat Stevens, I guess. (UPDATE: Or not!) [The Sun, via UkraineNotWeak] » 2/26/10 11:55am 2/26/10 11:55am

Today In The Deadspin Society Pages: The McCoy-Glandorf Engagement

Need to make your woman realize you're not as successful or talented as Colt McCoy? Or that your proposal was inferior by comparison, her ring a dingleberry on the ass of Rachel Glandorf's? You've come to the right place. » 1/14/10 1:00am 1/14/10 1:00am