Reassuringly Inexpensive Chalices, Portable Power, Refurb Xbox Ones

Drunkspinners grab your chalice. Unlike Stella's former tagline, there's nothing "reassuringly expensive" about this 4-chalice set. If anything it would be the opposite case were it not for a stack of great reviews. $35 gets you the 4 glasses, a bottle opener which you don't need, a Taste guide which you won't read,… »5/08/14 3:15pm5/08/14 3:15pm

Wake Up Refreshed To Fresh Juice (or Waffles), BBC Documentary Sale

There's something for everyone in today's Deadspin Deals. Whether you need to ease the pain of waking up, or just want some waffles, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on a ton of great discounts on BBC documentaries, or the chance to grab the whole A Song of Ice and Fire Set for 20 bucks. »4/23/14 3:15pm4/23/14 3:15pm

Cleaner Air, Smart Thermostats, Smarter Cars, No More Cable Bills

Today in Deadspin Deals: save money on your electric bill and your allergist bill, and stop paying your cable bill altogether. We've also got a 25% off coupon for one item at Sports Authority that you can apply to that expensive and/or rarely discounted piece of fitness gear you've been eyeing. »4/18/14 3:15pm4/18/14 3:15pm

The Best Exercise Headphones, Your New Sous Vide, Auto Upkeep

Today in Deadspin Deals we've got the Dadspinners, Foodspinners, and even Drunkspinners covered, along with exercise headphones for everyone. Last week we had a few commenters ask great questions about exactly how our coverage works, and we encourage you to do the same if you're curious, and give us your feedback in… »4/11/14 3:15pm4/11/14 3:15pm

Action Cams, Electric Razors, and Grills in Today's Deadspin Deals

In our second iteration of Deadspin Deals we've got electric razors, charcoal grills, and action cams that are both high-quality and budget-friendly, plus a free month of Xbox LIVE. As always we want your feedback, so jump in the comments section and let us know what you'd love to see in future segments. »4/04/14 3:15pm4/04/14 3:15pm