DeAndre Hopkins Is The NFL's Hardest-Working Receiver

Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins only caught six balls for 50 yards during yesterday’s blowout loss against the Dolphins. Normally, that’s the kind of stat line you’d expect a No. 1 receiver with a bad quarterback to put up in a game where the entire team fell apart around him. But Hopkins has been lighting it up… »10/26/15 3:14pm10/26/15 3:14pm


Clemson Receiver Gets Baptized At Practice, Sets School Record For Receptions, Incontrovertibly Proves God Is Real And Baptist And An ACC Fan

Junior DeAndre Hopkins looked like a new man in Clemson's win over Auburn on Saturday. He set a school record with 13 catches, finishing with 119 yards and a score. Then his wide receiver coach posted this photo to Twitter, totally explaining everything—Hopkins had been baptized after Thursday's practice, in front of… »9/04/12 1:00pm9/04/12 1:00pm